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Smart Cities Expo World Forum combines the power of collocated conference with state-of-the-art expo floor in order to educate people towards smart cities and urban planning technologies, strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe. We aim to provide a platform where public business managers, directors, urban administrators, international  authorities responsible for developing urban policies can offer their services for the development of smart cities. The conference program covers Smart City Vertical Applications such as Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart Health, Smart Building Management Systems, Enterprise IoT, Fog computing, Big Data Analytics and Smart Governance.

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Conference Schedule / Smart City Expo Dubai 2018

Lev Levine

Day 1 – Keynote I

Use Case Monetization for Smart Cities

Ethem Eldem

Day 1 – Keynote II

Dubai’s Smart City vision enabling Payment of Things; Etisalat Digital Perspective how Fintech has been shaped by UAE 2021 Vision

Rizwan Hussain

Day 1 – Keynote III

Keynote III: How to Fund and Sustain Smart City Projects and Infrastructure?

Akin Adamson, Jorge Sebastiao, Ahmed Qurram Baig

Interactive Panel Discussion

“Cyber Security Strategies and Trends”

  • How to respond to growing threats to the networks
  • Minimum Standards introduction and enforcement for devices in a network to ensure Cyber
Fadi Shanaah

Keynote IV

Case Studies of Smart Health Services

Ammar Sabbagh

Keynote V

IOT monetization in Smart city

Mahmoud El-Banna

Keynote VI

Smart Grids empowers Smart, Safe and Sustainable Cities

Jorge Sebastiao

Keynote VII

Smart Cities of the Future

Dr. Usman Zafar

Keynote VIII

An Overview of E-Government and Smart Governance Projects Worldwide

Ahmed Ibrahim, Dr Usman Zafar, Sami Tayara

Interactive Panel Discussion

“The Role of Blockchain in Smart Dubai”

  • The role of Blockchain technology in Dubai’s plan 2021
  • The role of blockchain in Smart Governance
  • Addressing Blockchain’s Key Security
Jawad Abbassi

Day 02 – Keynote I

Importance of the mobile eco system as a foundation and an integral part of smart cities

Samir Abdullah

Day 02 – Keynote II

How regulation hastening IoT and Big Data adoption

Dr. Seppe Verheyen

Day 02 – Keynote III

Smart City, Smart Diplomacy

Dr. Seppe Verheyen, Nadine Bitar

Interactive Panel discussion

“Standards & Metrics to Measure a City’s ‘smartness’”

  • How do you identify parameters and metrics that relate to the context of the city?
  • How are objectives and
Sami Tayara

Day 02 – Keynote IV

Blockchain Top Benefits for Smart Cities

Wessam Mamdouh

Day 02 – Keynote V

Towards Smart Mobile Money Services

Simone Vernacchia

Day 02 – Keynote VI

Smarter Solutions for a better tomorrow

Akin Adamson

Day 02 – Keynote VII

The Internet of People: Our role in a Smarter World

Khaldoun Aboul-Saoud

Day 02 – Keynote VIII

Internet of things and digital transformation: considering the User experience in optimizing Smart cities


Day 02 – Keynote IX

Urban Planning and Design Guidelines for Smart Sustainable District

Dieter Hovorka

Day 02 – Keynote X

SmartCity requires Smart IT and Smart Technology, how Artificial Intelligence (A) could boost adoption rate

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Critical Design Thinking of Smart Cities Applications


Innovative CyberSecurity and Privacy for Internet of Things: Strategies, Technologies, and Implementations


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Date: 7th – 8th May 2018  Venue: Toronto Congress Center, Canada.

Date: 3rd – 4th Sept 2018   Venue:  Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center, Australia.

Date: 26th – 27th November 2018  Venue: Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

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