Dubai calls Global Innovators to Solve City’s Future Challenges

In 2016, Dubai ranked 15th in a global league table‑conducted by PWC‑of the world’s 28 most innovative cities. The city soared past major business hubs Shanghai, Madrid, and Milan. This year, the desert giant geared up efforts to attract foreign innovation initiatives. Cisco Systems just announced a ‘first of a kind’ innovation

Dubai Innovation Map 2018

In the last articles, we talked about the future of innovations in Dubai. To summarize our findings in one sentence: it is happening in the desert. The government is funneling money into future‑driving projects and cooperates with leading innovators from around the world. Dubai is taking Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s words

Smart Dubai 2021

The exceptional rate at which the world around us is changing – especially when it comes to technology – leaves those who depend solely on today’s breakthroughs trailing behind. Pro-activeness and a future outlook have never been so indispensable. This can most

Blockchain in Dubai

Dubai is known for being at the forefront of technological innovation. As one of the first governments to engage with blockchain, Dubai’s story is inspirational and can provide a road map to anyone interested in creating smart cities by transforming transactions with